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Final Stand: Raiding
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Welcome to Guild Website for Final Stand and Vengeance Granted

Located on The Harbinger Server, <Final Stand> and It's Sith Counterpart <Vengeance Granted> are a pair of Semi-Casual Leveling and Social guilds intended for mature players (Primarily Adults age 18 and up, though we do now accept younger players as long as they possess a mature attitude.) Though <Final Stand> and <Vengeance Granted> reside on opposite sides of the war our players both follow the same general belief that a guild can work together to experience content without succumbing to the emotional drama that infests so many guilds. We seek to help each other however we are able (no one is REQUIRED to aid another guildmate in any particular way, rather if we can help we will.). When and if we raid or run Hardmodes we do so with level heads and a laid back "No Stress" approach.

So if you believe that games should be fun and  we sound like the kind of group you'd like to belong to then by all means request an invite here or in game from the following officers.

<Final Stand>
Rayth (Alts include Dace, Rand, Nallana, and Val'nora)
Rothayron (Calavera)
Natarie (Saharia)
<Vengeance Granted>
Sa'raph (Alts: Mort'anius and Morghan)
Caedmonis (Zagritha, Sheivalla)

If you can't find a member on one side to invite you, then please refer to the opposing side's officer list, our players constantly move back and forth.

~ Jedi Master Rayth "Bear" Dawnrunner, Guild Leader <Final Stand>
Guild News

Vengeance Granted: Final Stand's Redside (Sith) alternate guild

GM-Papabear, Feb 2, 12 7:42 PM.
For those new to the guild or those as of yet unaware of it's existence. Final Stand does possesses a Sith Guild on Empress Teta.

Vengeance Granted shares all of the same resources (TS, officers, this website) as well as following the same rules and regulations as Final Stand. Those wishing to put their Sith alts into Vengeance Granted may contact Rothayron, Lyanna, Khael, or myself (Rayth, Val'nora, Rand, Dace, and Nallana) You may also leave a message here in the forums to hedge your bets.

As Vengeance Granted is an alt guild it's activity level is not as high as final stand (at least for now).

Guild Leader
<Final Stand>
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